To Kenya with Love, prayers and blessings!!!

For our Missionary Retreat we were incredibly blessed to have Rev. Doug and Margie Newton come as our speakers. And they didn’t come alone…they brought a Prayer team of 5  wonderful people who prayed before, during and after the retreat–and truly blessed each of us with their love and concern. After the retreat, these seven stayed in Kenya a few extra days to minister to a group of about 30 Pastors from the Kenya FMC. Again, the Holy Spirit poured out His blessings through these folks, and we are so grateful. It was hard to let them go–but we know that the Holy Spirit is with us..and He will continue His work among us as we seek Him. Thanks Doug, Margie, Lori, Anita, Christie, Jim and Dan! We have been blessed more than you know!  



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One Response to To Kenya with Love, prayers and blessings!!!

  1. Lori Gaffner says:

    Vickie, you all blessed us in more ways than you could ever know! I miss you already! We’re on the plane in Chicago getting ready to fly to St. Louis. The home stretch. You will be in our hearts and prayers often!

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