Change of Blog address

Hello friends….wanted to update you on the fact that we’re moving our blog site to a FM Site so that we can interface w/the denominational page better. You can still follow us by going to this web address and subscribing…


Thanks so much!


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Good news in the “IN BOX” and more…

Opened my email to find this waiting in the inbox–

Greetings from the NGOs Co-ordination Board. I am pleased to inform you that the NGOs Co-ordination Board has approved the application for registration of “Tumaini Women Kenya ” as an NGO. Any of the organization’s three top officials can collect the certificate of registration at our offices in Co-operative Bank House, 15th Floor, during working hours (8.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. and 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm) Monday to Friday. The official collecting the certificate is requested to bring his/her original ID or passport for identification. Thank you Joyce Y.

This is VERY good news! There are several projects the “new” NGO is hoping to undertake and having this official registration/recognition, will help us in the process.  One project we’re trusting the Lord will help us get started this year is to establish a Sewing Training Center for women of varied ages within our church and community. There are already several pieces in place for this project to go..just waiting on the Lord for what’s needed to “complete” the picture (and start a whole new picture–of women engaged in business and ministry!).

(by the way…Tumaini in swahili means HOPE!

And the rest of the story…is that on the very SAME Day– I received an email from Pastor Chris telling me that a donation had been given towards this project—in fact, the funds will help get the project established, and Lord willing, allow us to operate it for a year. By then we are trusting the project to be self-sustaining!

Yesterday I headed downtown to pick up the Certificate–and after filling in a form or two, came back with the official document!  🙂  We are thanking the Lord!!  Will keep you posted as this project begins to unfold! 

Bwana Asifiwe (Praise the Lord!)Image

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Pastor’s Prayer Summit


 On March 8th & 9th, approximately 30 FMCK Supts., District Pastors and Parish Leaders met for a Prayer Summit at the FMC in Karinde. Rev Doug and Margie Newton poured themselves out as they taught on Prayer–from Scripture and personal testimony..and the team members covered the event in prayer.  The focus truly was on prayer and there were several opportunities to pray for needs as well as praying for the Holy Spirit to help each of us apply these powerful truths. Please continue to pray for our pastors–that in every way, they will be available to the Holy Spirit and will allow the Living Water to flow through them. 

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Off to school…

It’s been a good day—don’t have pictures to back it up–but enjoyed being with students from West Nairobi School (where Kyle attends)…who visited one of our ICCM schools…Free Methodist Academy in Kawangware. The students from WNS assisted in the classrooms—and leading games during recess. 🙂  The kids from FMA LOVE having visitors come…and I enjoyed seeing them all together. Thanks WNS, for letting your students serve and be a blessing!

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If you’re not receiving our newsletters via your own email address, let me know..and I’ll be glad to add you to the list!

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From Every Nation Newsletter Feb/March

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To Kenya with Love, prayers and blessings!!!

For our Missionary Retreat we were incredibly blessed to have Rev. Doug and Margie Newton come as our speakers. And they didn’t come alone…they brought a Prayer team of 5  wonderful people who prayed before, during and after the retreat–and truly blessed each of us with their love and concern. After the retreat, these seven stayed in Kenya a few extra days to minister to a group of about 30 Pastors from the Kenya FMC. Again, the Holy Spirit poured out His blessings through these folks, and we are so grateful. It was hard to let them go–but we know that the Holy Spirit is with us..and He will continue His work among us as we seek Him. Thanks Doug, Margie, Lori, Anita, Christie, Jim and Dan! We have been blessed more than you know!  



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